LucasArts: "Awesome news for our oldschool fans"... På måndag. Med andra ord idag.

LucasArts berättar via deras officiella twitter att de har något coolt att berätta idag. Vad det kan tänkas vara är bara att spekulera om. Men vad det är lär väl komma fram under dagen.

Amazing news coming Monday! Super excited! You have no idea how tough it is not to start yelling about it! But it's secret! Until Monday!

Okay, we will do hints. It is awesome news for our old school fans. (anything more direct might get me in trouble)

Monday, early, actually. I suppose if the president of the company messages me to leak it I would. Til then, it is teasing. Sorry guys.

I hope I don't disappoint. I know this is something I was asking for since before I worked at LucasArts. I did say nothing to do with new IP people! Keep guessing though. I might have to retweet the guy who figures it out...


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